The Siege is not merely a joint musical venture between brothers Drew Pompa and Pipé Scuttleworth, it is the culmination of years of music absorption and a necessary condition for the continued happiness of both these crumbies. Perhaps they’ll one day release solo work, but right now, in this Universe, things are working out just fine. For fuck’s sake, they’re brothers.

Above all that, it may be a physical impossibility for them to create this insane type of noise without each other. Pipé is the miner, extracting hopelessly strange non-sense from caves and the ether and Drew is the painter, placing happy little trees never where you’d expect, but exactly where they’ve always belonged, proper shading and all. Certainly, this is a simplification of terms, as both operate in every conceivable role, often at the same time. Yet, there is an undoubted magic that occurs as a result of the collaboration.

Oh, and one final thing, for now at least: just because these fools act like ding-dongs, are prone to offensive displays of behavior, and cuss like sailors, don’t for a minute believe that they do not revere music and treat their own craft with the utmost respect and pride, they absolutely do!